International Conference on Metals and Materials Research
June 20-22, 2016
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India

The present conference focuses on the past, present and future in the science and technology of materials. The primary objective of this conference is to bring together eminent experts from academia, research institutions and industries as well as practicing engineers, young researchers and students across the globe to deliberate critically to evaluate the current progress and highlight the future challenges. The conference will cover the whole gamut of materials with special focus on the following topics:

⇒ Alloy design
⇒ Advanced steels
⇒ Archaeometallurgy
⇒ Atomic resolution microscopy
⇒ Bulk metallic glasses
⇒ Grain boundaries and interfaces
⇒ High entropy alloys
⇒ Materials education
⇒ Nanomaterials
⇒ New geometries for new materials
⇒ Non-equilibrium processing
⇒ Quasicrystals